What to do in 1 weekend in Columbus, GA

I'd bet $10 if you are here, you've got a family member, bestie or boo that is stationed (or married to someone stationed) at Fort Benning -- that's why you googled Columbus, GA. If you do as I did and fly into the ATL en route to the little big town along the Hooch -- that's the Chattahoochee River to you non-Southerners -- spend 1-2.5 hours in this way: 

Thumbsup Diner


rag orama



Heirloom Market BBQ

Let's go to Columbus! 


Whitewater rafting on the Hooch - 2 thumbs WAY up!


Minnie's Uptown Restaurant


Flat Rock Park


National Infantry Museum

Flat Rock Park

Other favorite places and spaces in Columbus:

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