Nature vs Nurture: How about both?
Photo taken by Mom

Photo taken by Mom

I’ve been struggling a lot...with the politically-charged world around us. My mother is one of the few family members who I can still just chat with. As the only progressive in my immediate family, it’s been very challenging to maintain a sense of balance in this loud world. So people had to leave my world for the time being.

Last year my mom fell - and I wont get into the logistics she’s fighting in our healthcare industry - but I was able to help in my current state. I, for once in my life, have an “emergency fund.”

This January I took my mom for her first “hike” in my hometown of El Paso, TX at the Rio Bosque Wetlands. We started 2019 with a walk through nature. And she is walking her ass off these days - go mom!! Full on rehab through nature!

This little moment in time was so beautiful. We talked about a connection to nature, her through religion and me through spirituality and this connection has blossomed into a full on bestie relationship. We do talk about politics and immigration and trauma now. We don’t shy away from the things that make us different. But we practice empathy and listen to each other.

She finds her balance through nature and her religion; I find my balance through nature and my spirituality.  

Nature, nurture and the ability to empathize with another person, these are the things I cherish.

Charlie has over 10 years experience in social media, creative copy and multimedia, including a 4-year stint in the government, making science cool and accessible to the general public. She is now the main lady behind Checkmark Creative, a marketing boutique for the small biz and freelancer, based in Long Beach, CA.