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The short: Charlie holds a BA in Journalism and Political Science from the University of North Texas Mayborn College of Journalism.

She is an expert in editorial content planning, social media copy and visual storytelling elements (infographics, short videos, podcasting, etc.), media relations and placement, plus trend forecasting. She is a published author, reporter and feature story writer. She also ghostwrites for brands about a vast variety of topics, including: STEM, small business, health industries, non-profits, entrepreneurial spirit and legal resources.

The long:

That Charlie is a real ‘Jane of all trades!’ and runs one hell of an agency: Checkmark Creative.

Originally from Texas, Charlie moved to Washington, DC for a job as a media relations coordinator. During her time in DC, she would eventually work under the Obama Administration at the National Science Foundation. Part of their public affairs team, she was a multimedia news editor, visual media storyteller and radio/video producer. She is a published author with pieces in multiple STEM outlets as a science writer. There, she managed social media accounts and increased their followers by 50 percent by the end of her 3-year contract. The content she was producing reached millions of people each week.

When the administration changed, so did policies, producers and a pattern of dishonesty emerged that is common now in most federal organizations. The last straw for her was when she was asked to complete other individuals’ work, with no additional compensation, credit, say or recourse. Oh, and she isn’t exactly the type of creative to “fall in line.” She’ll tell you all about that experience if it peaks your interest.

This unexpected job loss did not deter her in any way. She took her love of animals and this app-driven world and started walking dogs, sometimes up to 6 miles a day. After less than 2 years, she had saved up enough money, built up a team and had clients across the country.

Charlie once co-hosted NSF’s Science360 Super Science Show and was a podcasting queen on Weather or Not! - a science podcast.

She also once produced and designed this AMAZING local magazine, called luri & wilma. It’s more of a hobby now and she updates it when she can. She’s busy, she get’s contracted out on a lot on fun, creative things. luri & wilma gave her that start.

Her current passions are working with her clients but also collaborating with brands and others through product placement, holistic lifestyles and the love of outdoors with #LadyHikers.

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Charlie Heck

“Charlie has a passion for learning and taking on new challenges that makes me excited to brainstorm new ideas with her. She dives into legal issues that form the basis of the organization’s expertise. It’s wonderful to have such a bright and reliable partner!”

— Mariam Morshedi, founder Subscript Law 

I've collaborated with Charlie for almost a decade. We've worked on major productions to personal artistic projects. We have a blast on set and the creative process really does include everyone. It's a special experience and it consistently produces quality work. I love creating with her and her team and I look forward to the next time. 

— Isaiah Headen, Creative Director of Les Joueurs Photography